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How Laser Therapy Can Be Used For Hair Restoration and Treatment of Hair Loss


Both men and women can experience loss of hair and also thinning at whichever age they are. Even though there are so many myths and imaginations concerning reasons why people bald and lose hair, the fact is that ninety-five percent of hair loss cases are as a result of an inherited condition from either of your parents. Some of the misconceptions about why people get hair loss include using of certain hair products for a long time, wearing a hat for a long time, having stress, blow drying your hair many times and many more. For a long time, people have been living with baldness and less hair. Some of how individuals have coped with such hair include having wigs to cover them, wearing hats all the time, having creative hairstyles, having some hair transplants surgeries and using some drugs that make the hair grow.


Doing some of these things can be expensive although some of them are not and you will find that none of the remedies takes care of the cause of baldness which is falling of the hair follicle. Normally, the hair follicle cycles grow for close to one thousand days, rests for about one hundred days and then sheds. If you have a healthy head of hair, it should shed between fifty to one hundred and fifty hairs daily, and an adult head has over one hundred thousand hairs on it. Hair loss in any person depends on their genes. When one begins to experience hair loss and the baldness starts, the cycles of the hair follicle start to produce weak hair that is thin and which has no luster. Know more about Capillus here!


As the process goes on, the thinning hair fails to cover the head any longer which makes the person get some bald spots. When you have reached this point, Capillus laser hair therapy becomes very beneficial. Low-level laser hair restoration therapy gets into the scalp for about six millimeters and makes the body to repair and heal the hair follicles which makes the cell function to return to normal state and reinstates the hair follicles.


The laser therapy works in such a way that it does not change the structure of the hair follicle and it does not in any way burn or injures the patient. This type of laser therapy is considered as a non-surgical therapeutic laser. For further details regarding hair loss, go to http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/02/health/trump-drugs-propecia/.